The rules of using of buying system of Admeans traffic.

The selling system traffic is for increasing the number of visits(includes video), ratings etc.

No creating the advertisement, leading pages which includes:
-any types of spyware and malware;
-links and automatic redirects to the pages, which contain spyware or malware;
-prohibited content, like a child pornography, zoophilia, graphic violence and other;
-the elements of phishing or other ways of online-fraud.
In case of violation of this rules, the administration has the right to block an account. The rest of money at the account bill is not returned.

If you suspect that you got bad-quality traffic from one of accounts, you need to write a ticket with full information about reference, the number of suspicious clicks and also a time period when it happened. After receiving the ticket administration will check the sources and if find such problem, will return the money for bad-quality traffic on bill account.

The administration of Admeans can make adjustments in rules without saying to users. All questions about working of service you can ask on Russian and English languages. The questions, which cannot be read, were asked on another languages or contain insults may be unanswered.